There is plenty of parking available! Directly around the front and sides of the church, parking spaces are generally reserved for visitors and our elderly and handicap members. To enter the front parking lot from Doe Run Road, turn onto Coral Lane. It is one-way through the lot, exiting onto Honeywood Road. We're currently expanding those lots to have direct access to the parking lots behind the church. Access to the back parking lots can be reached by turning off of Doe Run Road onto Honeywood Road into the second driveway.


What to Expect:


We're a pretty laid-back congregation. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! You'll see people in dresses and suits and people in jeans and t-shirts. It doesn't matter! We recommend coming in the front doors- there, you'll be greeted and handed a bulletin with the layout of the service, song information, prayer list, and announcements. From there, feel free to sit anywhere you'd like; no assigned or saved seats here! There are tv monitors spaced throughout the sanctuary to help everyone see the songs and bible verses used in the service. 


Sunday School:


If you're coming to Sunday school, you can come in any door from the parking lots to easily access classrooms. Sunday school is divided by age. Below are the classes and the location of each class:


Hallway classrooms between sanctuary and fellowship hall:


Kindergarten - 1st Grade

2nd - 5th Grade

Middle School

Young Adults (18-30ish)


Fellowship Hall:

Adults (30ish-60ish)


Sanctuary Classroom (the room to the left of the stage):

Older Adults (60ish+)


Basement Classroom (accessed through back parking lot):

High School


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Our facebook page is often the quickest way to communicate with us!