Psalm 139:1

God knows everything about us; not just the parts of us that we share with others or even just the parts of us that we're willing to accept. He knows every intimate detail. He knows our ins and our outs, our desires and weaknesses, the things we're proud of... and the things we're ashamed of. God knows us. And God loves us anyway.

We're humans. Even the best of us aren't that great! We're full of selfish desires and inner struggles. Many of us are excellent at "putting up a front" and doing what is expected of us in the public eye... but God knows our truth. We can't hide our inequities from Him. He is our Creator; He is a part of us. He knows we're a hot mess most of the time!

Our weaknesses are park of what makes us who we are. What matters is how we handle our weaknesses: how we love others despite their flaws, who we are when no one else is around, what choices we make, and most importantly, whether or not we accept that God knows us and loves us and that Jesus came to Earth intentionally, to take our place, so we wouldn't have to every be punished for our sins. After all, that's what it's all about.


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