Psalm 37:4

What are God's desires? Take delight... Pursue joy... Be Happy... Seek fulfillment... Find pleasure... not in the meaningless things the world offers, but in our relationship with God and the perfection that He is working in our lives. It seems an obviously simple instruction, but this command is much deeper than it appears. By aligning our passions with His, His desires become our desires, and vice versa. We are able to do infinitely more than we could ever accomplish on our own. The question then becomes: What are God's desires?

There are countless verses in the Bible that details exactly what God's desires are. Re-read Jesus' words in the book of Matthew (beginning around chapter 4). Jesus lays out numerous commands that reveal His Father's desires for every human being's lives. God doesn't hide His wishes from us; He shares it throughout the entire Bible, hoping we will study the words and seek His wisdom.

Our deepest longings will never be satisfied by the pleasures the world offers us. God alone can fulfill the innermost desires of our hearts... but only if we let Him.


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