Hebrews 12:1-2

Life is tough. Relationships are tough. Work is tough. Parenting is tough. Aging is tough. Every single thing we deal with is tough, at some point or another.

What if we chose to live as if the “tough” parts of life were just stepping stones to get us to the ultimate goal- to spend eternity with Jesus?! Wouldn’t that make all this crappiness and suffering a bit more bearable? That’s exactly what God instructs us to do!

Look ahead. Don’t be burdened with the trials you are facing. They’re temporary. Everything in this world is temporary! Compared to eternity, this little life we live is passing by much more quickly than we realize.

Enjoy the good things God blesses us with and try to overlook all the negative stuff. Focus on following Jesus and He will take care of everything else.

Don’t be discouraged! Keep your eyes on Jesus: He knows exactly what He’s doing. It really can be that simple!

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