Matthew 28:5-6

He is risen! Jesus defeated death! His body isn’t here on earth in a tomb or in a grave.

Matthew Henry beautifully writes: “In all our enquiries after Christ, we must remember that he is risen; and we must seek him as one risen.”

We should find immense comfort in the fact that the body of Jesus cannot be found here on Earth. His body never suffered the decay death brings.

Jesus is alive. He is alive and living, then, now, and always. Praise God! JESUS IS ALIVE! It’s time to celebrate!


If you get a chance, we recommend checking out Matthew Henry’s commentary on Matthew 28 in its entirety. That guy had some serious insight! Here’s a link:

Not sure who Matthew Henry was? You’ve probably heard some of his eloquently written thoughts sprinkled throughout your life without even realizing where they came from. He was a pretty wise, thoughtful guy. Here’s a link to his biography:

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