1 Peter 2:24

Jesus didn’t have to die. At all. He was the embodiment of God here on Earth- and God certainly won’t die… yet Jesus chose to die for us.

He consciously made that decision every single day He was here on this Earth with us! Jesus’ life isn’t just a neatly-wrapped Bible story showing us the perfect example of patience in suffering: His life, death, and resurrection is EVERYTHING.

Without His sinless, blameless life, He would not have been a perfect sacrifice. Without His arrest, brutal torture, agonizing crucifixion on the cross, and three days in the darkness of death, His resurrection could not have happened. Without His resurrection, Jesus’ life and death could be compared to any other prophet in any other religion.

Jesus knew what He was signing up for when He agreed to come to our lowly planet in the form of a fragile, fully-human body. He knew of our weakness. He knew of our suffering. He knew of our tragedies. He knew of the full range of emotions we were capable of experiencing- yet He chose it anyway. He chose us.

Jesus willingly and completely chose to struggle alongside us.

He chose us. Us: the selfish, greedy, obnoxious, prejudiced, bitter, covetous, hurtful, angry, spiteful, impatient, damaged people of all humanity. He knew how horrible we could be. Still He chose us. He saw our capabilities, not our faults. He loved us in our emptiness and brokenness.

Jesus chose to die for us. He had a choice.

And you know what? He’d do it all over again. What’s even more awesome? He’s waiting on us to join Him in Heaven! We get to be with Him forever! Knowing all of this, how can we not praise Him with everything we have within us?!

We are so very thankful for the choice Jesus made to die on the cross nearly 2,000 years ago- His sacrifice is as valid in covering our sins today as it was for those who lived alongside Him back on that first Good Friday.

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