Proverbs 3:5

When you get right down to it, offering God every single bit of our trust is a little intimidating! We have been bruised and broken by people we thought we could trust; it’s not an easy task to overcome that hurt and pain, and to learn to trust fully and completely. God promises, however, that it will be overwhelmingly worth it to put all of our trust in Him- not just a scoop here and dash there, but to consciously choose to trust Him in every situation, all of the time.

It’s also pretty tough to accept that our minds are simply not capable of understanding everything God has planned… but thankfully He doesn’t expect us to know it all. That’s where the “trust” part of this verse comes in: trusting fully in God will allow us to forget that we don’t know what’s going to happen and that’s perfectly ok. If we’re not busy worrying and stressing about what might be, we have plenty of time to bask in the blessings God showers on us! We have time to rest our weary bodies and minds, time to grow in wisdom, time for enjoying life, and time for loving each other. If we aren’t wracking our brains about what could go wrong, we can appreciate the opportunities we are given.

Trust in His wisdom and forget about your own inadequacies. Life really is that simple.

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